Heather Powers, originally from Portland, Maine, is a belly dance teacher and performer based out of Portland, Oregon.  

Her style is heavily influenced by her experience as a visual artist. Heather's desire is to create a transformative experience by filling space with strong, clean graceful movements captivating audiences.

She has diligently trained with world renowned belly dancers such as, Mira Betz, Rachel Brice, Ashley Lopez and Donna Mejia. 

Heather has cross trained in other movement disciplines becoming a personal trainer through N.A.S.M. and a certified Pilates and yoga instructor. Through these studies Heather has found a style of teaching that encourages self awareness and creative growth.

Currently, Heather is focusing her study in ballet, contemporary and hip hop. She is proud to be a principle dancer and assistant artistic director of Ashley Lopez' Portland, Oregon based Allegro Dance Company. 


Heather is available for:

  • Classes
  • Semi- private group classes 
  • Private Lessons
  • Parties and Events
  • Workshops
  • Performance

Contact Heather at hpowersbellydance@gmail.com for more information and rates.

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