Down to Earth: Fluid Floor Work                                                                                                                                        Embrace the ground beneath you and take an adventure into floor work land with Heather! Learn to create a multi-dimensional performance by using the floor to your advantage. We will focus on a multitude of ways to get on and off the floor, as well as approaching different ways to hit poses and shapes through dance flow. A strong warm up will be lead to prepare us for dynamic strength driven movement. Be prepared to fuse yoga, Pilates and contemporary concepts with belly dance. Please bring knee pads! 

Lyrical Belly Dance Fusion
A window into Heather's world, Rhapsodic Discourse: "the illegible condition of its own legibility" (Butler, Judith). She'll share her personal stylization of belly dance mixed with freestyle hip hop flavor & contemporary flair through a sampling of an original choreography. Concepts of musicality and expression will be introduced and used as vehicle to enhance and nurture your own self exploration in dance.

Bare Bones
True catharsis can be reached through dance. Let's get raw and really explore the ways that our dance can become a vehicle for us to express and process our personal experiences. How honest can we be with our movement to truly convey our internal dialogue? How can we cultivate intentional confident movement through vulnerability? Taking these questions and using a bare-bones combination, we will add our own stories and character into the movement with hopes to create our own catharsis. Bring a notebook. 

Artistic Extension
Let’s step away from technique training of micro movements, and push ourselves out of the everyday stance and into exploring our kinesphere. Our focus will be angular relationships in space. Simple shapes will be highlighted that create a dynamic visual experience. A short combination will be introduced utilizing the presented principles and then the group will be guided through an improvisational piece to let people find their own approach to artistic extension. All levels of dance welcomed!

CORE Values: Pilates for Belly Dancers
Boost your belly dance technique and posture by cross training in Pilates. Develop a core connection that can help improve balance, articulation and range of motion influencing moves like belly rolls, undulations and posture. As belly dancers, it is so important to strengthen the front body to protect and support the back body after many repetitions of moves such as hip movements (shimmies, figure 8's) or back extensions (body wave,back bends). Pilates is a great tool to be integrated into any dancers personal conditioning practice. Please bring a mat, water and have a notebook handy for notes. 

Bend Over Backwards (recommended 3 hr workshop) 
The workshop will begin with a heavy dose of Pilates and yoga in order to prepare our bodies for healthy and safe backward bending. We will go over what parts need to be strengthened and stretched in order to achieve and sustain the ability to backbend. Once thoroughly warmed up and stretched, we will incorporate back bending into a combination that can be done from multiple levels. Please bring a yoga mat, yoga blocks(optional).

Rev up your Motor Skills: Practical Anatomy for Dancers!
Calling all movers and shakers! This workshops goes over the basics of how the human movement system works. Topics introduced will be, muscular development, body maintenance to prevent muscle imbalances, range of motion awareness and how this exploration can help inform your belly dancing. Anatomy and range of motion hand outs will be supplied. Please bring a notebook and a writing utensil! 

Sinuous Grooves
Unlock your upper body in this workshop where we will work on expanding our flexibility and increasing our isolation and strength.We carry a lot of weight and pressure onto our heart center and my goal is for us to find a way to release that and really sink into the sinuous snake like movements we can tap into as belly dancers.

Quicksand - Magnetizing Movements
Remarkable magic happens when a performer slows it down to the point where it looks like they are dragging through the mud. We will work on digging deep to get those strong yet fluid motions that mesmerize viewers. Focus will be on intentional movement through a fully committed approach that oozes hypnotic qualities. Focus will be on full range of movements in the arms, hips, and upper body while learning to freeze movements and push through with integrity. Movements will be broken down into their muscular parts and we will push ourselves beyond our own understanding of our dance vocabulary. 

Axis Revolution
Delve into the ever elusive spiraling world of turns and spins! Turns are one of the most dynamic and graceful ways that we as dancers can travel. The goal is to learn to gain confidence and trust in your turning. Technique training will include core strengthening and a heavy focus on balance. We will highlight different types of turns and spins while incorporating them into mini combinations to practice. 

Pure Elegance
There is magnetism in a dancer who can ooze elegance in their dance. My hope is impart a better hold on your inner grace and bring it forward in a combination geared toward making an emotional connection that the viewer can't take their eyes off. This workshop will start off with a warm up that will prepare us for strong posture and fluidity in the arms. We will focus on a deeper awareness of the lines and shapes our bodies make in our movement.

Polished Alignment
As dancers we are always trying to achieve the “perfect” posture. The foundation of all movement IS posture and without this foundation the polished look of any move can be obscured. This workshop focuses on how to cultivate alignment through discovering areas that need work. Each body is unique from one another and by utilizing yoga poses and Pilates exercises we will explore how to analyze where some imbalances may be present. The goal is to develop a practice which will continuously and consciously work towards proper alignment. This process is meant to help and inform each dancer beyond this workshop and into their daily practice.

     Drill centric workshop, pure technique! We will play with different layers such as tempo changes, traveling steps, etc. We will touch on the varieties of 3/4, twists, internal and external hip circles, figure 8's and add layers on top to challenge our muscle sharing abilities. Perfect for dancers looking to spice up or add to their regular practice. 

From the Ground Up!
This is a workshop that really gets to the roots of movements, right into the details of what muscles are activating when. Breaking down movements into their most basic parts in order to really work out where some of our "missing information" might be. This workshop is really a deep cleaning of technique with a strong focus on gaining better self awareness. Goals include learning what areas of our regular practice need attention and where we can start to grow! 

The Finer Things – Arms & Hands Workshop
A fluidity and awareness of arm and hand placement are the details that will bring your dance to the next level. Our focus will be on how to keep energy flowing all the way through the arms to the fingertips. Select arm patterns and hand techniques will be taught. Students will also work through improvisation by exploring and creating their own arm and hand movements.

Drop it, Lock it, Twist it.. 
Have you ever played Bop it? This is Bop it Belly Dance Style! By teaching a few simple movements that are "drop it",  "lock it", "twist it" we will make all different combinations by playing with patterns, tempo, shapes and staging all through group work. This workshop's goal is to encourage new innovative ways to create choreography while having a ton of fun! 

So You Want to Perform
This performance skills class will gear up your belly dance for the stage. Opportunity to present your own material and get feedback. We will cover: Creating a personal voice, facial expressions and do exercises, stage presence, musicality, costuming, pre- performance rituals, and more!

Bits & Bobbles: Tips & Tricks for Costuming (Lecture Workshop with Optional Practical)
When you're a belly dancer, ANYTHING could be part of costume! In this workshop, I share my own experience and approach to costuming, including construction tips, pattern making, beading techniques, shopping tips, ways to recycle and more. I will have a selection of show and tell pieces featuring different ways I've costumed. A list of resources I covet; as well as demonstrations of my process. 
Optional companion to this class: A hands on workshop where students bring costuming materials and we work on a project together. This project could focus on one or more of the following: Belt Construction, Bra Embellishment, Beading, Pantaloon patterning, Simple skirt patterns, etc.